Bridging Your Sterilization Staffing Gap


Moab Sterilization Staffing was born in response to the critical need for experienced sterile processing technicians that many healthcare organizations are experiencing today. Our co-founders, with over 50 years of combined and diverse perioperative experience, gave birth to the idea while vacationing in Moab, Utah. Surrounded and inspired by the beauty of the red rock canyons and natural arches, our co-founders committed to development of a business solution. Approximately one year later their inspiration has matured into a well-defined business plan and strategy that now is the crux of Moab Sterilization Staffing business.


Our Mission is to be the nationwide leader in Sterilization Technician staffing. To accomplish this, we have established an innovative approach for recruitment and placement of top talent combined with an organic educational /development strategy for those who demonstrate exceptional potential. We have created a culture that values and supports our employees both personally and professionally through industry leading wages and benefits, career advancement, and professional coaching/ mentoring. Our team, in turn, will support our clients with exceptional customer service with an uncompromised focus on "Patient Safety First".


  • Conceived in Moab, Utah by Healthcare professionals serving Surgery and Sterile Processing Departments nationwide.
  • Laser focus on Sterilization Processing Staffing with Top Talent
  • Patient Safety Driven
  • Increase Your Productivity, Reduce Your Backlog

Moab Sterilization Staffing can provide you with experienced, vetted technicians to work in your Sterile Processing Department.

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